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As your trees become older and more mature, you may begin to notice problems.  Your tree may be growing larger than you anticipated or certain limbs and branches are growing dangerously close to your home or other structure.  You may notice a dead limb or damaged branches from storms or age.  Or your trees may have become over dense or become infected with pests and/or disease.


Add Value To Your Property With Well Maintained Trees!  Trees on your property are an investment, they last for decades, if not centuries. Trees are attractive and add considerable value to your property.  Poorly maintained trees are a liability and may increase insurance premiums.  Maintain the value of your property with professional tree maintanence.  Just imagine your property without all the beautiful trees you own!


For whatever reason you need work done on your trees, TreeClimbers is your best choice.  We can safely fall a tree in tight spots, trim and raise the canopy to make your tree appealing again, or just take out the damaged or dead wood.

Services Offered

-Tree Removal consists of taking out dead, dangerous, diseased or unwanted



-Pruning is a more specific type of limb removal in which limbs and branches are

thinned using techniques that an arborist is trained in.


-Stump Grinding involves a stump grinder that uses carbide teeth to eliminate the

remains of a stump. Generally they can take the stump well below ground.

-Land or lot clearing for homes or businesses.


-Cabling and bracing are done to trees to preserve the structural integrity.

Tree maintenance is similar to preventative maintenance on your automobile.

Care is given to enhance the health of trees.

In Case of an Emergency

Emergency Work and storm cleanup are usually done after a wind storm, lightning storm

or other natural disaster and involves removal of trees and debris.

Remove dead or rotting trees and branches that could fall and cause injury or damage during a severe thunderstorm.

Make sure your tree’s limbs are not near and do not touch power lines. If a severe storm blows the tree into the power lines, the situation becomes increasingly dangerous for everyone in the area.